Welcome to our Learning section, a comprehensive list of all the finest websites and blogging instruments I greatly advocate.
It is highly essential to develop and optimize your company effectively. I have tested each suggestion on this article personally. Most of these mentioned tools are highly crucial in riding my company.

An important disclosure:

A few of the links listed here are affiliate links, which implies I may well receive a tiny commission when you choose to create a purchase. It does not come on you at any upfront price, and you will pay the same amount even if you decide to make the purchase by going straight to these product pages. Please be assured as I have experience with all these companies and I advise them because they have been highly useful and relevant in establishing my company, and not just because of the tiny commission, I make in case you happen to purchase anything. Do not spend your cash on any of these tools, please, unless you think you want them or assist you to accomplish your objective.

The Must-Have Tools

Visit Bluehost

Bluehost has developed a brand for itself with excellent server efficiency and have added a lot to the WordPress system over the previous decade.
Bluehost provides a variety of hosting packages such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress managed web hosting and dedicated hosting. The shared hosting package from Bluehost is ideal for your fresh blog and comes in 3 distinct packages.
Bluehost's convenient setup and good, visual interface enabled me to install WordPress in a few minutes! You can read more on how to install WordPress on Bluehost in this guide.
The Bluehost servers are well optimized for a WordPress blog, and it is one of the factors they are the top preferred hosting provider on the official WordPress hosting resource page.

Buy Bluehost Hosting

Visit SiteGround

Siteground: For hosting websites and Blogs

Most of the clients host their website on the best affordable hosting websites: Siteground. With their one-click automatic WordPress blog setup, they create it extremely easy to get a fresh site up and running.
I have tried and tested almost most hosting types over the period of 3 years. I have noticed that the website loading speed almost doubles and the traffic increases by higher percentages just by shifting to Siteground. That is the power of this amazing hosting.
You may host multiple sites on their Grow Big Plan (which is affordable, the price levels are best in the industry) so when you are ready to start another website, you do not have to pay more for hosting. Almost all major and successful bloggers use and recommend Siteground to all.
I strongly suggest using Siteground for your first website, and now you can start at just $3.95/month, which is nothing compared to the value you get from this business. Additional features: free domain, free SSL certificate, free dedicated IP, free hosting migration, incredible customer support.

Buy SiteGround Hosting

Visit HostGator

HostGator: For hosting websites and Blogs

Hostgator hosting is one of the hosting platforms I suggest to have websites hosted on . The organization already has an enormous name in the sector. Their hosting output is on par with Siteground. You are not going to be disappointed. If Siteground is not your preference, then Hostgator hosting is the only alternative you should consider.
Just like Siteground, you will get all the features; it is just that Siteground is one game ahead in all dimensions. You should choose Hostgator only if Siteground petrifies you to think twice. I strongly suggest using Siteground for your first website, and now you can start at just $3.95/month, which is nothing compared to the value you get from this business. Additional features: free domain, free SSL certificate, free dedicated IP, free hosting migration, incredible customer support.

Buy HostGator Hosting

Visit Thrive Membership

Thrive Themes

The quality delivered by thrive themes is astonishing. It provides themes, lead generation plugins (popups, in post call to action etc.), Landing page creation etc. An investment in thrive membership will be one of the best decision in your online money making journey.
I highly recommend you become a member and get the benefits of all these fantastic plugins at 1/20th the cost. Many popular blogs uses Thrive themes. Packed with amazing features (makes so many extra plugins redundant), Lightweight, ultra-fast, and many more features.

Buy Thrive Themes

Domain name with hosting

Buy Hosting

Before you start a website, the first thing you need is the domain name, right. The cheapest way to register your Domain name is along with the hosting. However, if you only need a domain name, you must buy the domain name from Godaddy.
However if you are going to begin your first website then do not register the domain name differently, instead, buy a hosting like Siteground or Hostgator. This way you do not have to know the techniques of linking a domain name to hosting (this might be difficult for beginners).

WordPress Themes and Plugins

When you have your site ready, you are going to need many instruments like collect emails, make your content look good and lovely, and render your site look like a pro site. Here are my best suggestions:
However, if you have purchased the thrive membership, you do not need to buy separate plugins from thrive as you get all the plugins for a monthly subscription.

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads: Best Email Capture plugin

From the time, I have switched to Thrive Leads, my email capture statistics improved by 95 percent. To generate Lead pages I used to pay more than $200/annum earlier. I have never been doing this good until I began using thrive leads that cost just $67/site (yes, no annual fees, only one-time tiny payment for incredible returns later).
Bundled with too many characteristics, most of you will be surprised at this plugin's quality and will be ready to think about how this plugin is so cheap relative to its worth.
For any blog or online business, a mailing list is the most significant asset. Even a 1,000-person mailing list can help you make over $ 12,000/annum. For me, this $67 investment is nothing compared to what my email list yields as returns.

Buy Thrive Leads

Visit Thirsty Affiliates

As I have stated several times, affiliate marketing makes up a large part of my monthly revenue.
One plugin that would be a life changer when dealing with affiliate marketing is Thirsty Affiliate. Just about all affiliate marketers are using this link cloaking and affiliate link management plugin.
It also has a free version and a paid version. If you about to start a blog, you definitely need to use this plugin.

Buy Thirsty Affiliates

Some Free SEO Tools That Helps to Drive
More Than Visitors to Websites

Try SEMrush

It is one of the best online SEO tools right now. I cannot define how much this tool has assisted me to get far in my career.
Most detailed keyword information, backlinks, competitor analysis, keyword explorer, content explorer and what not.
If you are really seeking for a tool to manage all your SEO requirements, take the 7-day paid trial on this product without a second doubt before making the purchase choice.

Other SEO tools

Apart from the widely used Ahrefs and Semrush, here is a list of other tools that will actually help you to scale up your online business. I use them every day and they have helped me a lot.
Google Analytics – Free tool
Cloudflare - Free CDN
Google Webmaster - Free Tool
Yoast SEO– Free WordPress Plugin
W3 total cache- Wordpress Plugin

Email Marketing Tools That Help Me Reach Millions of People Everyday

I have assessed many companies, and frankly, almost all email-marketing companies are awesome. Therefore, I am not going to suggest any favorites. I like Aweber. I enjoy its simplicity, simplistic navigation, and strategic vision. Aweber provides a free trial up until 500 email subscribers. Aweber is fine for a beginner. However, if you are searching for an advanced level of Email-marketing with advanced settings, tagging, then try out Drip.

If you are searching for complex characteristics such as behavior-based messages and extensive email workflows, then try drip. Use this if you are already acquainted with email marketing and have been using it for some period. It has relatively complex software that might be overwhelming. You may use either Aweber or Drip, I use both, and both of them yielded me excellent outcomes.

Well, I am using this tool to build backlinks, send numerous emails every month, manage the responses, and so much more. All my SEO attempts largely depend on this single mind-blowing instrument. A must have if you want to concentrate on your site's SEO.

If you are doing email marketing, you need a domain-level email address for better reliability and incredible branding. Just as I have an email address ,while using Gsuite, you can also have a domain level email alongside with 100s of immense features.

Social Media Management tools

It is the preferred medium for millions of novice web bloggers or owners of basic websites. They also have a premium plan, but the free version seems more than sufficient and offers all the essential functionalities. Another option is to use Hootsuite. They do have a good interface. However, if you need to choose between Buffer and Hootsuite, then you must choose Buffer.

Graphics is very essential. When you have excellent content but crappy graphics, then you do not get a good impression. Do not worry; you do not need to employ any graphic designer. You can use Canva to create photos in just a few clicks, which is too cost-free.

Other Amazing Online Softwares

Instamojo is the best solution if you need an easy and efficient payment gateway. It allows you to sell everything from real goods to digital products at only 2 percent charges. Instamojo not only provides competitive prices but is also easy to use. This makes Instamojo the preferred payment option. The payments are gathered and transferred to the bank account in a smooth slide.

Do you wish to share your experience with the public or sell an online course? Then you need a medium that can assist you to manage your course online with ease. Teachable is the easiest and most common platform for bloggers to share their material online. You can experiment with so many choices. Students in their dashboard get to purchase and access the course.

Virality is what everyone strives for, in online media, in the current scenario. You can run lovely contests with Gleam, use it as a content locker, and so much more. The functionality of Gleam is infinite. You must be familiar with this tool if you are into the digital marketing field.

Every time you need suggestions regarding any services or products, you look up to your friends because you trust them. Upviral has absorbed this strategy. It has helped me develop viral referral programs for my courses online so that learners who enjoy the experience can refer their acquaintances and in turn get a bonus as per the deal. Upviral is a growth hacking tool and one of the greatest online investments in my company. It is a strongly recommended tactic for anyone aiming to go viral. Use it with shine and in a month, you will get hundreds of leads.

The key path to success for any business is Automation. The more you outsource or automate, the more time you will save yourself. Zapier allows the automation of repetitive duties like adding fresh email leads to a Google sheet and many more. This tool allows you to save so many hours a month.

Hubstaff is one of the best time tracking tools on the internet. If you have freelancers working for you, then you should definitely use this tool. It is essential to track time to calculate the amount you might owe to each freelancer. Hubstaff owns the incredible technology within which your freelancers are only paid for the beneficial job they do, removing the non-working time and saving cash.

Landing page conversion rates is a factor that matters a lot as far as conversions are considered. The more people that sign up from the same source of traffic the more gain you will make. By using Useproof, you will be able to raise landing-page conversion rate by 25 percent, so I appreciate and strongly suggest this item.